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Being the caregiver of kids with sensory issues can be complex, confusing, and lonely. While the circumstances or diagnosis’ may be different, many things unite us. We love our kids and we want them to be included.

As parents of kids with complex needs ourselves, the team at Twenty-One Senses believes that the best support is from others who are on the same journey.

Twenty-One Senses is excited to announce our brand-new Community Membership program. Virtual support whenever you need it, wherever you are from people just like you.

Launching January 2021!

Sign up now to qualify for our early adopter price of just $120 for one full year (membership begins on launch date).

This offer expires on January 1st, 2021–don’t miss out!

Membership Options

$20/month or $200/year – Early Adopter Pricing: $120 a year

————–BLACK FRIDAY PRICING: $100 year————–

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All Members will have exclusive access to:
  • Chat with experts
  • Virtual events
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Facebook group
  • Special pricing for coaching and events
  • Meet other caregivers