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Twenty-One Senses will receive $1 for every subscriber per channel this weekend! Subscribe to all three, and we will receive $3 up to $3000! Pass this along to all of your friends. Help us raise funds, and as a super bonus, you’ll have some new content to check out. Two of the channels: Sugar Beats and Screaming the windshield, are funny takes on life and being on the road. Great Sailing is a great channel to put on to help you relax or fall asleep to the sounds and visuals of sailing on the open water.

Screaming at the Windshield

Have you ever been frustrated with the bumper-to-bumper traffic? Have you ever endured the year-round construction zones that never seem to improve? Join Bob Lane as he also faces these same frustrations in Screaming at the Windshield!


Sugar Beats

Fun You Tube channel you should check out and support inclusion at the same time.


Great Sailing

Serenity while sailing the deep. Whatever the weather, a calm spirit guides us home.



Sep 30 2022 - Oct 02 2022


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