Garage Sale & Fill A Truck 2023 Volunteer

Come help us collect and sort all of the items on Sept 16th in the Forest Glen neighborhood of Chicago. Proceeds will help support Twenty-One Senses, a local non-profit that aims to further inclusion for invisible disabilities.

Prep for the Event

We need someone who is willing to post items before the event to see if we sell some of the more valuable items that are donated outside of the event. You would need to post, manage communications and help arrange drop off/pickup. (We can do the drop offs for anything local)
Donations are already coming in. We need to get them sorted and tagged for the event so the day of runs smoothly.
Collect soft good donations packed in bags from your neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Day of the Event – September 17, 2022

We will be setting up tables and bringing donations to the back yard to sell in our sale. Most donations are already categorized, we will need to unpack boxes and hang up cloths.
We are selling donations we have received in the Forest Glen Community garage sale. We will have a light lunch/snacks/water available.
We are hosting a “fill the truck” event where anyone can come and donate their gently used items. We need someone to receive the donations and count how many bags and boxes we receive.
Any unsold items will need to be put in boxes and bags and loaded into the truck. We will also need help breaking down tables and packing up for the evening.
We will need help collecting unsold items from garage sales in the neighborhood. (Need to drive your own car to load collected items and bring them back to the truck for loading)

Post Event – September 22, 2022

The last of the donations need to be packed into the truck, taken to the drop-off facility and unpacked from the truck.