Inclusion in Small Businesses

Many large entertainment and retail companies have already incorporated social inclusion practices into their businesses, through sensory-friendly hours and accomodations. But social inclusion is just as important in small businesses in your community.

Why is Inclusion Important at Your Business | Not sure how to be more inclusive? We can help! | How to get started

Why is Inclusion Important at Your Business

Families unintentionally become withdrawn from their community, staying home when children with sensory struggles become overwhelmed in public places.

1 in 6 children are living with a sensory disability that affects their daily life.

More than 30 diagnoses include the inability to properly process sensory input – including Autism, ADHD, PTSD and trauma.

Not sure how to be more inclusive? We can help!

Did you know that many modifications for COVID already improve social inclusion? Twenty-One Senses understands sensory struggles and can work with your business to train, evaluate and create an inclusive environments for special needs individuals and those affected by trauma.

Staff Training
Staff Training

At the conclusion of this
90 minute training, your staff will understand what is social inclusion, who is affected by sensory issues, how to help those affected with specific supports to make your business a sensory ally.


Environmental Review
Environmental Review

We will examine your facility to identify where minor improvements can be made to result in a better experience for those affected by sensory struggles.


Create a Sensory-Friendly Hour
Create a Sensory-Friendly Hour

You want to start a sensory friendly hour, but don’t know where to start.
We will work with you to perform an environmental review, make recommendations and help advertise your new sensory friendly hour.


How to get started

If you are interested in becoming more socially inclusive, click the button, fill out the form and Twenty-One Senses will be in contact shortly!