Lighting the Way Celebration 2022 Volunteers

This is Twenty-One Senses 3rd Annual Celebration. We will be raising funds to advance inclusion in our community at the VRC in Chicago on 10/1/22. This event is packed full of food, drinks and the silent auction. Select all of the shifts you are available to help with. Thank you for your support!

Prep for the Event

We need someone who is willing to post items before the event to see if we sell some of the more valuable items that are donated outside of the event. You would need to post, manage communications and help arrange drop off/pickup. (We can do the drop offs for anything local)
Donations are already coming in. We need to get them sorted and tagged for the event so the day of runs smoothly.
Collect soft good donations packed in bags from your neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Day of the Event – October 1, 2022

There are auction and event items that must be picked up day of the event. Help with these errands and transportation of silent auction items to the location (VRC).
Help with the silent auction, tasting and food tables set up at the VRC.
Staff the registration table, to greet and check in all guests as they arrive.
Manage the sale of the raffle tickets throughout the event
We will need help to close out the silent auction at 8 PM. Efforts will include bundling auction items together so bidders can get their items at checkout.
We need help to check out all bidders, to ensure that they have received and paid for all of their silent auction items.
We need help to clean up the tasting and food tables at the VRC, after the event is over.
Once all items have been cleaned up at the VRC, help is needed to transport all supplies back to Twenty-One Senses.

Post Event – October 2, 2022

Help to wrap up the silent auction. Efforts include contacting winners, packaging/shipping or delivering items to their winners.