Meet the Team

Our Co-Founders

Jen Puccini, Co-Founder

Jen Puccini


Jen has over 20 years of management, web marketing, and usability experience. She’s an active volunteer, community leader, and the mother of two awesome, funny, and loving special needs children. Throughout the years, Jen has watched her kids struggle to integrate themselves into typical spaces and situations, and she knows how exhausting and stressful it can be to help them navigate school, extra curricular activities, and other social situations. Twenty-One Senses was born out of Jen’s experience, tenacity, and desire to share what she’s learned with this growing community.

Gabi Rozborska, Co-Founder

Gabi Rozborska


Gabi is a successful entrepreneur and property manager. As a former tutor and caregiver with over ten years of experience working with special needs children, she has firsthand experience of the environmental difficulties related with sensory processing disorders. Gabi brings her unique combination of passion, experience, and insight to Twenty-One Senses and hopes to see all kids succeed in integrating and interacting with their environments.

Our Team

Danielle Heaton, Online Resource Program Director

Danielle Heaton

Program Director

Danielle has over twelve years of experience managing website data and infrastructure. As the mother of two elementary schoolers, including one special needs kiddo, she is passionate about creating a strong community of parents and caregivers that are honest, supportive, and willing to learn from each other’s struggles. This emphasis on honesty and support is central to all aspects of Danielle’s life, whether she’s managing a Cub Scout activity or a large professional project.

Adam Tarnoff, Program Director

Adam Tarnoff

Program Director

Adam has been exploring how people learn ever since he was diagnosed with both ADHD and a specific learning disability in second grade. Adam has developed niche expertise in helping nonprofits generate sustainable growth by scaling-up effective programs while maintaining quality and controlling costs. Since founding Scaffold Education Consulting in 2005, Adam has collaborated with a wide range of board and staff leaders to: understand the factors that drive positive outcomes for children and families; quantify cost per outcome achieved; and deploy resources to optimize mission fulfillment.

Rebecca Klueg, Program Specialist

Rebecca Klueg

Program Specialist

Rebecca Klueg has been a nanny for over 12 years and has cared for children of varying ages and abilities. As Program Specialist, Rebecca researches and maintains data for digital resources and grants to support family inclusion in everyday experiences. Rebecca has always had compassion for those who struggle and likes to find simple solutions to make life easier. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing violin, and calling Chicago her home.

Acia Holland, Content Manager

Acia Holland

Content Manager

Acia Holland is a writer with over a decade of content creation and management experience. As Content Manager, Acia develops, creates, and curates a wide variety of information resources to help inform, connect, and inspire caregivers of children with sensory-related disabilities. Acia is an advocate for DIY, humanitarianism, and community building. She is the mother of twin preschoolers and can usually be found reading or playing outside.

Becky Taylor, Software Developer

Becky Taylor

Software Developer

Becky Taylor is a software developer with over twenty years of development experience in the education and manufacturing industries. As the Software Developer, Becky manages the organization’s technology infrastructure and develops the tools that help caregivers of children with sensory sensitivities. Becky believes in building a strong, compassionate community in which we can learn to better support our children and each other. She is the mother of a high schooler and a middle schooler, one of whom has special needs, and can usually be found on the sidelines of their sporting events.

Katherine Czarick, Digital Marketing Specialist

Katherine Czarick

Digital Marketing Specialist

Katherine Czarick has experience in marketing and social media management for a variety of organizations, including nonprofits and educational outreach programs. As the Digital Marketing Specialist, Katherine manages our social media platform and helps with the digital marketing efforts. Katherine believes in creating communities that are more inclusive for every person. She is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia.