New Hampshire Volunteer Opportunities

Twenty-One Senses believes that community awareness and support is important, so all individuals can successfully participate. Volunteers help us to be active in the community and your support makes these community events and fundraisers possible.

A calm room is a dedicated area at this community event where any individual can step away from the possible overload of crowds, sounds and smells. This area provides the tools for their nervous system to reset, allowing them to continue to enjoy the community event. Without these spaces, many families avoid participating in community activities. Support often includes setup, staffing the raffle/info table, monitoring the calm room and cleanup after the event.

Please select the event you are interested in helping with. Once selected, you can select the specific shift you can support. Note that some future events do not have the specific time slots available yet. If interested in supporting these events, please sign up and we will contact you once time slots are known. Thank you!