Partners, Sponsors & Grants

Twenty-One Senses is committed to advancing inclusion in our local communities. This is made possible, in large part, from the support of our partners, sponsors and awarded grants.


Partnerships allow other nonprofits and organizations in the community to advance their missions, with our support to be a more inclusive organization.

University of New HampshireDepartment of Occupational Therapy, Healthy Families Research Program
University of New Hampshire
Department of Occupational Therapy,
Healthy Families Research Program

Our partnership with UNH OT based on the joint desire to support special needs families to be able to successfully participate in typical childhood experiences in their community. Twenty-One Senses is a member of the Healthy Families Flourish team that was awarded the 2020 UNH Collaborative Research Excellence (CoRE) Grant. In addition, UNH OT and Twenty-One Senses are partnering to support the Twenty-One Senses’ Sensory Scout program.

Family Matters - Chicago
Family Matters – Chicago

We have partnered with Family Matters to support families and provide inclusive spaces no matter their socioeconomic status.


Sponsorship is a way for businesses in the community, who believe in our mission, to help create a more inclusive community. Thank you for your support!

Champion Sponsors

Steward Partners
Joshua Holt Sr., AAMS®

Wealth Manager/ Partner/ Vice President
145 Maplewood Ave, Suite 100, Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 427-8826
Steward Partners Global Advisory is an employee-owned, full-service independent partnership catering to family, institutional, and multigenerational investors.

New England Barrel Company
New England Barrel Company

New England Barrel Company is focused on building a community of spirits lovers the world over.
Whether Bourbon, Rye, Single Grain/Malt, Rum, or a host of other spirits know you have found a home with us.

Wintrust Bank
Wintrust Bank

Wintrust is a financial holding company in the United States that operates 15 chartered community banks in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin

Friend Sponsors

opt vision studio
Opt Vision Studio

Opt Vision Studio is an Optometrist in Chicago, Illinois.

Consolidated Printing
Consolidated Printing

Consolidated Printing is a commercial printer in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Grants Received

Grants allow us the opportunity to provide services for families struggling with sensory sensitivities to successfully engage in their communities. We are proud to receive the following grants from our community:

Walmart Community Grant2021 Recipient
Walmart Community Grant
2022 Recipient

Facility #2130 Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Walmart Community Grant2020 Recipient
Walmart Community Grant
2021 Recipient

Facility #1420 Streamwood, Illinois
Facility #1998 Skokie, Illinois
Facility #2130 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Facility #3004 Cicero, Illinois
Facility #4049 Olympia Fields, Illinois
Facility #5402 Chicago, Illinois

Walmart Community Grant 2020 Recipient
Walmart Community Grant 2020 Recipient

Facility #2816 Niles, Illinois