Purchase Room Certificate

Certificates are valid from 2 years post-purchase.

Certificate Details

Certificate covers room fees for 7-10 nights for 3 double-occupancy rooms. (4 rooms included if you make your reservation with the resort by December).

Certificates are valid for 2 years post the purchase. Certificate covers 7-10 nights of premium accommodations at this 4-star resort in Antigua.

Your purchase covers the cost of the room and Twenty-One Senses receives 100% of the proceeds.

You pay the resort an all inclusive resort fee which covers your food, drinks and resort activities.

You do not have to use the full occupancy in one stay, you can go back later at no additional charge to finish out the available occupancy on your card (all inclusive fee will still apply on subsequent visits.)

Booking Process After Purchase

  • After your purchase has been processed, an e-certificate for the resort will be emailed to you
  • Buddy up – you get more than 1 room with the certificate! 4 if you book by December!
  • Call the reservation number on the e-certificate to book your stay. They will ask you for
    • Certificate number that was emailed to you
    • Number of rooms you are reserving and for how long
    • Name of the people in each room
  • Pay your deposit at the time of booking. Deposits are credited to your per person per day all-inclusive fee.

Order Form

Certificate will be emailed to you after purchase. Call the number included on the certificate to make your reservation.

Certificates will be emailed to you.
Click on the package to select for purchase.

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