Many businesses and public spaces already provide sensory-friendly hours and other special accommodations for children with sensory sensitivities. We know how difficult it can be to locate information for these businesses. Use the map below to identify a business near you that is already supporting sensory inclusion.

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What is a Sensory-Friendly Hour?

A sensory-friendly hour is a way that a business can be more inclusive, by making minor modifications to allow a section of the population to participate, that would not otherwise be able to. Each business may make different modifications for their inclusion effort. Generally speaking, most sensory-friendly hours often include reduced noise, reduced lighting and possibly even reduced capacity.

Our Directory

Our directory has been expanded beyond our two locations of Chicagoland and New Hampshire. Use the map or search below to find a business across the U.S.A that has sensory-friendly hours, adaptive programming available, or has accommodations available outside of a sensory-friendly hour.

We have taken efforts to accurately maintain this information during COVID-19. However, you should always reach out directly to the business for specific details of what accommodations are available, as information is always changing.


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The Latest Scoop

We are excited to share that the following businesses are providing sensory offerings. If these sensory times are offered on a regular basis, we will add them to the directory above. Until then, enjoy the latest scoop!

  • Walmart is taking steps toward creating a quieter shopping environment that’s more enjoyable for customers who live with sensory disabilities. Sensory-friendly hours will take place Saturdays in July and throughout August from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. in most stores. For areas that start school after Labor Day, sensory-friendly hours will begin July 22. While most stores are participating, Walmart said shoppers will need to contact their local store for more information.
  • Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook, IL is hosting a Sensory Friendly Dining Hour every Saturday in August, starting at 3:45 pm. This hour & a half will provide an inclusive atmosphere for individuals of all ages and abilities to enjoy a meal in a relaxed and crowd-free dining experience with limited people and contact. Reservations are required. Please call 847-205-4433 to make a reservation.

Did we miss a business? If so, please let us know.

Sensory Scout Project

We are really excited to be launching our Sensory Scout project in partnership with the University of New Hampshire. We are working together to expand sensory inclusion in our community by:

  1. Making it easier to locate sensory supportive businesses through our site.
  2. Adding more businesses to our directory.
  3. Including more details, by individual sense, so you can be better prepared for a succesful family outing.