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Through comprehensive, one-on-one virtual sessions with one of our coaches, caregivers will learn to recognize their child’s signs of frustration and anxiety, reframe setbacks as opportunities, and to foster a family culture of empathy and resilience.

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How it works


Personalized 1:1 family coaching or small-group parenting classes


Parents, guardians, caregivers of sensory sensitive children.
Sensory issues can accompany 30+ diagnosis.


Reduce family conflict; Support healthy child development & learning; Improve self-care


Sign up for a FREE intake session to see if it’s right for you – or contact us. Then choose your support type: 90 min session to focus on a particular issue, schedule a-la-cart 50 min sessions or sign-up for a package of 4 sessions. No client pays more than our break-even cost, and we proudly offer sliding scales (up to full scholarship) for anyone struggling financially.

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Meet Our Coaches

Adam Tarnoff, Program Director

Adam Tarnoff

Coach & Student Mentor

Meeting Options: Virtual or In-person

Adam’s specialties include:
*IEP/504 Process & Accommodations
*Behavioral, Sensory, and Routine Management
*High School & College Prep Mentoring for neuro-diverse students

Over his 20+ year career in education, Adam has developed expertise in understanding the factors that drive positive outcomes for diverse learners. Adam has been exploring how people learn ever since he was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability in second grade. With a Masters degree in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University, Adam incorporates a compassionate, learner-centered approach to supporting students, teachers, parents, schools, museums, and other clients. He is available to work with you in a participative style grounded in empowerment, trust, and empathy.

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Jen Puccini, Co-Founder

Jen Puccini

Coach & Parent Mentor

Meeting Options: Virtual

Jen’s specialties include:
*IEP/504 Process & Accommodations
*Behavioral, Sensory, and Routine Management

With a Masters degree in Learning Sciences and 15 years in educational publishing, Jen approaches all situations with a desire to understand the root cause before defining the solution. This approach has been essential throughout her 12 years of navigating the intricacies of special needs diagnoses, services and supports. Jen is an engaged mother of two awesome, funny, and loving special needs children. Throughout the years, Jen has watched her kids struggle to integrate themselves into typical spaces and situations. She can relate to how exhausting and stressful it can be to help them navigate school, extra curricular activities, and other social situations.

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