Virtual Learning – STEAM

To better support social distancing measures intended to curb the spread of COVID-19, we will be pausing our regular programming to focus on free e-learning resources for children of all ages and abilities. We’ll be adding to the list daily, so check back often. Please share it on social media or with anyone you think might find it useful.

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ResourceResource TypeResource TypeSchool LevelSubjectEngageExploreListenWatchDescription
Andrew McMeel Publishing Kids Engage, PrintElementaryCross CurriculumActivityPrintable activity books, activity guides, and STEAM focused lessons featuring popular characters.
Exploratorium's Explore Wherever You Are Engage, Explore, WatchAll AgesSTEAMActivityGallery / PresentationVideoDIY tinkering projects and activities, recipes, video lessons, virtual exhibits, and more.
Snapology Daily LEGO® Build ChallengeEngageAll AgesSTEAMActivityA daily STEAM focused LEGO® Build Challenge for all our kids to work on! Share back your child's build by 4pm and the build with the most engagement at 7 PM will be highlighted on all our sites the next morning!
Star Wars - Building a Galaxy with CodeEngageElementarySTEAMGameStar Wars themed coding games for ages 6 and up. Offline versions available for download.

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